LEENODERM® products stand for radiant, young and healthy skin. What the innovative products based on state-of-the-art plant stem cell technology do not reveal, however, is that the roots of the family business are based on a childhood memory.

From grandmother’s garden to own brand

The history of LEENODERM® is that of a classic family business. As such, it begins with an old childhood memory that many people share: The memory of grandmother’s garden with its fragrant wild herbs, fully covered berry bushes and colourful vegetables. But also with the remembrance of how these natural products were used quite naturally for facial care.

The desire to combine this personal beauty tradition with the latest scientific methods has led Yousef Ablieh to the idea of founding a company. But only in connection with the experience and valuable advice of his wife Dr. Alia Abukiwan – an expert in the field of molecular biology and stem cell research – does LEENODERM® really begin to take shape.

LEENODERN®: Tradition meets modern spirit

Is there a way to combine the innovative insights of state-of-the-art plant stem cell technology with grandmother’s traditional skin care knowledge? Years of research finally show that there is one. Since 2018 it has been called LEENODERM®. Under the leadership of the Ablieh couple, LEENODERM® succeeds in combining THE ultimate skin care complex containing seven of the most potent plant stem cells in an anti-aging series. An Advanced Skincare series follows, with collagen vitamin complex and extracts of snow algae, bee venom and red algae. The result: first-class skin care series whose high-quality products also perfectly care for demanding skin.

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LEENODERM®: Transparent, Personal, Individual

The company philosophy of LEENODERM®: High-quality products that convince with ingredients, not only with their packaging design. Transparency, personality and individuality are the key factors. LEENODERM® is thus in the direct tradition of the amazingly extensive care knowledge of our grandmothers. They already had the right skin care for every skin type. LEENODERM® will of course provide all customers with a personal treatment plan for their individual needs on request.

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